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Ink Jet cartridges

TIJ 2.5 cartridges for industrial labeling

For labeling in the industrial sector, it is important to match the requirements of the ink specifically to the material to be printed on. Among other things, paper, metals, plastics, glass, wood and food are printed with our inks.

Our inks can be used in a wide variety of printing systems.

We are able to develop various colors with special properties even in small quantities. The properties such as, the drying time of the ink, the open time of the cartridge, UV resistance, and lightfastness are tailored to the material to be printed.

TIJ 2.5 cartridges for the food sector

Specially approved inks are required for the printing on food, food packaging, eggs, etc..

We have various colors in our program and can expand this color palette if required.

TIJ 2.5 cartridges for the security area

Colorless security inks are used in inconspicuous coding, counterfeit protection or for internal tracing. They are almost invisible in normal light. The fluorescence only shows up under UV light.

Colored security inks are among others used in printing passport and visa, printing admission tickets, tickets, travel tickets, etc. They are visible under normal light, but fluoresce under UV light.

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Sandra Stöger (Management)

Sandra Stöger (Management)

Lena Holzhausen (Lab/chemical development)

Lena Holzhausen (Lab/chemical development)